Property transfers: Libertyville home sells for $500,000

EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

422 Buckingham Place: Gregory Jack Browning and Nicole R Browning to Ste- phen Placeway and Lynda L Placeway for $450,000 on Sept. 12
1127 Avalon Lane: M Craig Neely and Kathryn Neely to Thomas E Crocco and Angela Crocco for $500,000 on Sept. 11
1021 Dawes St, #7: Gary W Voss and Joan S Voss to Hong-Chang Lee and Chen-Yin Liu for $312,000 on Sept. 10
125 Adler Drive, #1: Sandra W Kruckman Trust, John A Kruckman Jr Trust and Kruckman Sandra W Trust 09/17/2001 to Gregory Loika and Jennifer Loika for $340,000 on Sept. 12
1517 Loatonia Court, #122c: Rosemary J Dicicco Suc Trust, Cummings John V Trust 03/19/2003 and John V Cummings Trust to Nicholas D Reding and Susanna M Reding for $142,500 on Sept. 9
1409 Ruidoso Court, #136: Jong Chul Kim and Byung Im Kim to Jonathan D Ahn and Crystal H Ahn for $209,000 on Sept. 12
16899 W Serranda Drive, #23: Irina Daschenko and George Genkin to Ih2 Property Il for $180,000 on Sept. 10
1279 Huntington Drive, #5b: Federal National Mortgage Association to Boris Wainer for $161,000 on Sept. 11
315 Banbury Road, #2: Timothy K Haras and Denise M Haras to Stephen D Henigman and Lindsy M Henigman for $250,000 on Sept. 11
170 N Prairie Ave: Gregory S Stahl to Pinnacle Real Estate Investment Group LLC for $80,250 on Sept. 10
1371 Kettering Road: Jill L Weidle and Kevin Murphy to Christopher Hulls and Jennifer Hulls for $338,000 on Sept. 12
1419 Kettering Road: Christine Schwan- der and James Wesoloski to Scott C Strelitz for $395,000 on Sept. 10
1323 Marlbourgh Court, #4: Eugene Harlow to Keith R Stocker and Courtney L Stocker for $231,000 on Sept. 12
44 Wilton Lane, #8: Czeslaw Run and Danuta Run to Joshua R Malloy for $180,000 on Sept. 13
1889 McRae Lane, #11: Steven A Mila- zzo and Crystal A Milazzo to Thomas Seckler and Deborah Seckler for $287,000 on Sept. 10
1661 Blackburn Drive, #7: Pat Bruno, Joseph Bruno and Ralph Vittorini to Rita D Ribeiro and Scott W Richardson for $264,500 on Sept. 12
1075 Kasting Lane, #1: Merchant Consult- ing Inc to Kurt S Kwidzinski and Vanessa G Kwidzinski for $351,000 on Sept. 10
3102 Eastbank Circle, #2: Pulte Home Corp to David J Barker and Judith B Barker for $338,001 on Sept. 12
3636 Canton Circle, #2: Pulte Home Corp to David I Yedlin and Norine M Yedlin for $513,390 on Sept. 12
3599 Canton Circle, #2: Pulte Home Corp to George Bernard Pullman Trust, Pullman George Bernard Trust 02/18/2005, Fern Judith Pullman Trust and Pullman Fern Judith Trust 02/18/2005 for $389,545 on Sept. 12
Vernon Hills
1966 Crenshaw Circle, #21: Albert Krivopisk and Andrea K Davis to Richard Gross and June Gross for $305,000 on Sept. 11
15 Parkside Court, #13: Thomas Filippo and Jennifer Filippo to Alexey Abramov- ich for $80,500 on Sept. 10
303 Alexandria Drive, #5: Damyanti Patel Trust, Natwar Patel Trust and Patel Damyanti Living Trust 08/28/2000 to Matthew A Weiss and Deana P Weiss for $350,000 on Sept. 9
306 Russet Way, #7401: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Trust and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2005ffh4 to Neil Huse and Glori Huse for $67,000 on Sept. 12
186 N Fiore Parkway, #6: Neal K Roys and Julie S Roys to Amy Sachs and Jeffrey Sachs for $393,000 on Sept. 12
239 W Court of Shorewood, #230: Michael Miralgio to Howard Shen for $62,000 on Sept. 11
1109 E Port Clinton Road: Robert F Bacon to Moeljadi Santoso and Lanny Agustin for $375,000 on Sept. 10
Lake Bluff
136 Huntington St, #23b: Elli Kisonen-Murphy to Colleen A Coonce for $145,000 on Sept. 10
1024 Quassey Ave: Timothy M Puszyns- ki and Kathryn E Puszynski to Harry Pierson for $245,000 on Sept. 12
104 Woodbury Lane, #41b: Kelly A Dunn and Kevin Rynes to American Way LLC for $180,000 on Sept. 9
158 Welwyn Court, #19d: Jerome M Kel- ly and Mary Kelly to Ann E Zimmerman for $225,000 on Sept. 12
12900 W Heiden Circle, #4308: James H Cronin and Susan C Cronin to John M McCafferty and Tracy L McCafferty for $86,250 on Sept. 12
334 E Center Ave: Herald Stout to Wil- liam E Walsh for $401,200 on Sept. 12
Lake Forest
237 Surrey Lane, #2: William Partridge and Janet Partridge to Ashith Uchil and Beena Uchil for $665,000 on Sept. 10 
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